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Hit and Run Car Accident Crash ? Other Driver Driven Off ?

Have you had an accident with another Driver who isn't Insured or left the scene ? if so we can help.

Hit By Uninsured Driver ? How to claim Compensation

Don't worry if you have had an accident that wasn't you fault with with an Uninsured Driver. There are still ways to claim.

Typically, these types of accident fall into one of two categories. Firstly when the driver at fault simply leaves the scene of the accident without stopping known as a hit and run accident, and secondly when the other driver is traced but is found not to be insured.

If you are involved in either of these types of accident, we can help you recover compensation through the insurer funded Motor Insurance Bureau ( MIB )

The MIB compensate people who have been involved in hit and run car accidents or when the other driver simply isnt insured. MIB has two schemes, which compensate victims of accidents involving Uninsured Drivers:-

Uninsured Drivers Agreement 2008

This compensates the victim of an accident, for both personal injury (such as whiplash claims) as well as property damage, subject to certain crieria being fulfilled. The driver at fault for the collision must be traced and identified.

Untraced Drivers involving Hit and Run Car Accidents

The Uninsured Drivers Agreement at the MIB, compensates victims of accidents who have been injured when a driver has left the scene. Claims under this scheme are subject to very strict criteria, for example the accident must have been reported to the Police within 14 days, you must attend a hospital or a GP, while the accident must not have been your fault.

We specialise in all aspects of Uninsured driver accidents, and can help you recover compensation for your losses.

Call our Uninsured Driver Helpline on 0845 269 3571

Accidents Involving Hit and Run Drivers

A hit and run accident typically occurs when the other driver at fault for the accident, simply leaves the scene without stopping. If you have been involved in this type of accident you can recover compensation for personal injury under the Untraced Drivers Agreement 2003. This is a compensatory scheme administered by the Insurer funded Motor Insurance Bureau.

The scheme is subject to a number of a strict criteria which include:

  • The accident must have occurred within the last 3 years
  • The accident must have been reported to the police within 14 days of the accident
  • All losses must be kept to a minimum
  • It is likely the MIB would need to see evidence of your injuries eg. Attendance at the GP or Hospital following the accident
  • The accident must have been caused by the other driver

If you would like our help, please call us our Uninsured Driver helpline on 0845 269 3571, and we can then help you recover compensation.

Untraced Drivers Claims – List of Things To Do

If you have been involved in an accident, with an untraced driver here is a list of things to do:

  • Take pictures of the accident scene and damage – use your mobile if possible
  • Report the matter immediately to the police
  • Report the accident to your insurers straightaway
  • Exchange details with the other driver and make a note of the vehicle registration as well as the make and model of the car – if the other driver does not have UK registration make as much detail about the vehicle as possible – we handle a large number of accidents involving foreign lorries and having details of the vehicle type always helps
  • Keep a diary of all your losses
  • If injured attend the Hospital immediately or visit your GP as it is likely the MIB would need to see evidence of your injuries
  • Take details of any witnesses
  • Keep receipts of all your losses as the MIB will need these

If you are unsure as to whether you can claim call our Uninsured Driver Helpline on 0845 269 3571

Uninsured accidents : Your questions answered

We update our site weekly with typical questions asked by clients regarding hit and run car accidents :-

Reporting a Hit and Run Car accident ?

If you have a hit and run car accident or one with a uninsured driver it is really important to report the matter to the police straightaway. The MIB rules provide that you must report the incident to the Police within 14 days for personal injury or within 5 days for damage to personal property.This is important as the MIB may well reject a case that has not been reported to the Police. In light of this always keep a careful record of the crime reference number.

How long does it take to settle a claim with the MIB

We always try to settle claims as quickly as possible however the length of time your claim takes to settle, ultimately depends upon the extent of your injuries and your recovery. Under the MIB scheme the first step is to to submit the claim, this will involve full details of the accident circusmtances as well as your injuries. Thereafter the MIB will investigate the case and often obtain the police report which can sometimes take time obtaining. In the meatime, the MIB will typically arrange a medical examination for the purposes of valuing your claim. Throughout the claims process we will always keep you fully updated. Claims can take anything from 3-4 months in very straightforward matters while in more serious cases, matters can take more than 12 months.

Is there a time limit in making a claim to the MIB ?

Yes. You must make a claim for injury within three years.

Can I claim for accident damage to my car from the MIB and is there a time limit?

If the other driver is found and the MIB handle your claim under the Uninsured Driver Agreement, then you are able to claim for accident damage to your car. The MIB will also deduct a £300 excess. To make a claim you must do so within 9 months of the accident date. Unfortunately, you can't claim for accident damage when involved in a hit and run accident.

If I am involved in a hit and run accident what can I claim for ?

If the other driver has left the scene then your claim, will be handled under the Untraced drivers agreement. If so, this means that the MIB will pay you compensation for your injuries such as whiplash, treatment or rehabilitation for your injuries, as well as loss of earnings.

How long does it take to settle a claim with the MIB ?

Time scales vary depending upon the nature of the injury sustained, as well as the accident circumstances. The first step in the claims process is to submitted your claim to the MIB via their onlibne claim form. Thereafter, the MIB will obtain the police report which does take time to obatined. In the ematime, the MIB will typically arrange a medical examination for you. Once the report is obtained we can then advise you on the likely value of your claim. In very straightforward cases we can settle cases in 3-4 months.

what happens if I am off work as a result of the accident can I claim loss of earnings ?

Yes absolutely. As part of your claim we would always seek to include any loss of earnings. We would typically need pay slips incurred prior to the accident and sums paid during your absence to calculate the losses.

Do you have to be not at fault to claim from the Motor Insurance Bureau ?

Yes. The Motor Insurance Bureau will investigate carefully how the accident has arisen. Thus, the police report, the claimants statement together with any witness evidence will be very important in establishing liability. If for whatever reason the MIB consider that you maybe partially at fault they may well apportion liability on a split liability basis eg. 50/50% etc. As we are very experienced at dealing with uninsured driver accident claims we will always ensure that your claim is fully defended.

Car Accident Compensation Payout – How Much Can I Claim?

If your claim is successful, you will be entitled to two elements of a compensation award.

The first is for the pain and suffering you may have gone through and what is known as loss of amenity. This is called the general damages and can include awards for your inability to carry out every day tasks after the accident that you used to be able to, for example, taking children to school, housework, DIY etc. The award for loss of amenity can be made for a short period after the road accident or for the rest of your life if the medical evidence supports this.

The second element of a compensation award is for your losses and expenses and is known as special damages. It is important to keep the receipts for any expenditure you have incurred which is related to the accident, so that this can be reclaimed.

Uninsured losses are heads of claims, which are specifically not covered under the terms of your own motor insurance policy, which may include any of the following:

POLICY EXCESS – If you are insured on a Comprehensive basis, you may have to pay the first amount of the vehicle repairs upon completion. This is called a policy excess which can vary in amount. If you are unsure of the amount of your excess, then you should contact your Insurance Company or intermediary.

VEHICLE REPAIRS – If you are insured on a Third Party Fire and Theft basis, we will pursue to recover with regard to the damage sustained to your vehicle and if necessary appoint an independent assessor. Please ensure that two comparative repair estimates are forwarded to this office. If the vehicle is beyond economic repair, then please mark this on the Compensation Questionnaire.

HIRE CHARGES – If your vehicle has been so badly damaged that you are unable to use it, then you may need to incur hire charges. This may have been supplied through your Legal Expenses Company on a credit hire basis or part of a benefit on your Legal Expenses Policy. If you are currently paying for your own hire charges, then please contact this office as soon as possible.

LOSS OF USE – If at any stage you are without the use of your vehicle and do not have a replacement car facility, then we will include a claim for loss of use for the relevant period. Awards for loss of use are not guaranteed and will vary.

TRAVELLING EXPENSES – If you incur necessary travelling expenses as a direct result of the accident, such as bus fares, train fares, taxi fares, etc., we will attempt to pursue recovery of the same although it is essential that you supply all relevant receipts or tickets.

INCIDENTAL EXPENSES – These may take the form of necessary telephone calls, postal costs, photocopying etc., that has arisen as a direct result of the accident.

PERSONAL INJURY – If you or any passenger has sustained a personal injury as a result of the accident, we will attempt to pursue the claim on your behalf. If you have suffered a personal injury, please supply as much detail concerning the nature of the injury and whether you have visited a GP or Hospital following the accident.

LOSS OF EARNINGS – If you have incurred loss of earnings, you should obtain a letter from your employer which confirms the date which you were absent and also the nett amount of loss of earnings after Tax and National Insurance has been deducted. You may be required to provide wage slips for the three months prior to the accident. If you are self-employed, you should obtain documentation from your Accountant which will show your profit and loss account for the three months leading up to the accident and show your net loss of earnings after Tax and National Insurance.

If you would like our help, please call us our Uninsured Driver helpline on 0845 269 3571, and we can then help you recover compensation.

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